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Website Design

Surfin' Bum Creations provides professional web design to small and medium sized businesses. It's our desire to make your experience as easy and painless as possible. We provide everything you might need in order to help you market and manage your business on the web.

Website Redesign

Do you already have a website live on the web but are in need of a makeover, updating, or redesign? Broken out of date links on your website? No sweat! Surfin' Bum Creations can help!


We specialize in helping your website get found. Surfin' Bum Creations will develop a full spectrum SEO campaign to best suit your company's needs. We'll drive up your search rankings by implementing various strategies based around good SEO practices.

Simple Effective Search Engine Friendly Websites

Surfin' Bum builds simple, effective websites that get found in the search engines.

Domain name's and Web Hosting

After Domain Name Registration, hosting is the first step in establishing an Internet presence. Our hosting services offer personalized service and a wealth of amenities. Whether FTP access, Unlimited E-mail Accounts, or Personalized Tech Support We've got you covered.

Printing Services

Whether you are looking for unique custom printing, brochures for your nonprofit organization, business cards for your employees, or postcards for your startup, Surfin' Bum Creations wants to help you shine and empower you to do what you do best and make a lasting impression.

You know you could be surfing right now?

Let us help you get back to doing what you love to do. Take your mind off of your web needs by contacting Surfin' Bum Creations today. We'll get you and your business on the web and squared away.

With over 18 years of web design experience, We know what it takes to get your business found on the web. For years we've been designing websites for small and medium sized businesses with two main focuses:

  • One - Building affordable, simple, and search engine friendly websites that gets you results by bringing new customers to your business.
  • Two - For your future clients and customers to find your website in the search engines before your competitor's website.

Our philosophy has always been simple - who cares if you have the flashiest, fanciest, and most expensive website, if no one ever finds you on the web or in the search engines.

Surfin' Bum Creations specializes in:

  • Domain Registration and Hosting
  • Web Design
  • Website Redesign
  • SEO Service
  • Printing

Choose Surfin' Bum Creations today. After we discuss your needs, we'll set up your domain, build your website, create email accounts, link your business on social media, and get your business rocking the search engines.

All fast, friendly, and affordable.

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Why You Need a Website

Websites Never Sleep. Many people surf the web in the evening when most businesses are closed, which is perfectly fine because websites never take a break. A website will allow your business or organization to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Having a website is the equivalent of having an employee working around the clock - even weekends and holidays!

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